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Renovation works carried out on the wall and fence of the Sphinx park

Renovation works carried out on the wall and fence of the Sphinx park

The beautiful historic park in Zadar's Brodarica neighbourhood, known for its monumental sculpture of the Sphinx, was home to numerous activities conducted during the implementation of the RECOLOR project for the past three years. This park has many values in terms of heritage and horticulture, and in addition to numerous activities, plans for further promotion and landscaping of the area were created.

One of the first planned works on site, as previously announced, was the repair of the fence that separates the garden from Obala kneza Trpimira street. The 133-meter-long fence was in a bad condition. The metal fence above the wall was corroded, and parts were missing in some places, while massive pillars and large metal doors were in a particularly bad shape.

Given that this park is located within the cultural-historical complex of the city of Zadar, it was necessary to comply with the special conditions drawn up by the Conservation Department in Zadar at the request of the City of Zadar. Works worth HRK 119,841.25 were carried out according to the principles of restoration and in accordance with the original form of the fence: the materials and methodologies which it was made from.

For all the other historical elements in the area, as well as for the ​​the park itself, project documentation has been completely prepared so that the City of Zadar can conduct further renovation and revitalization of this site.

Source: City of Zadar