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Villa Attilia

Villa Attilia is one of around twenty country villas with gardens built in the late 19th and early 20th century in the style of historicism and Art Nouveau in Brodarica neighborhood. It was erected in 1901 as the first building in the area of ​​Maestral Bay. Giovanni Smirich recognized this, then still non-urbanized, space near the city as a great place to build a family summer house. The family lived in the city for over a year and spent the summer months there.

A copy of the original design of the villa was found in the State Archives in Zadar, however, it is still not entirely certain who the main designer of the building was. It is a beautiful regular house designed in the style of neoclassicism, which, together with the garden, makes a beautiful complex. The floor plan of the house has the shape of a harmonious rectangle in which the interior space is harmoniously arranged. The entrance façade faces the sea, so there is a convex porch with two slender classicist pillars that support the terrace of the first floor on that side. The central part, apart from the pillars and the terrace, is accentuated by an attic with a circular window.

This symmetrical and harmonious building stands out from the very romantic garden with its moderation, but complements it nicely at the same time. From the entrance porch and stairs, there is a path that leads down to the entrance door along the sea shore.

The villa could be reached by sea and in the sea in front of the villa there is a stone mooring for boats. There used to be a wooden polygonal cabin with a conical roof and an accompanying oar boat for transport of goods, owners and their guests. Today, the building is owned by the state and in the function of the public health centre.