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Archaeological works on the Sphinx are underway

Archaeological works on the Sphinx are underway

Exploratory archeological works organized by the City of Zadar as part of the implementation of the RECOLOR project began on Monday, September 7, 2020 at the Zadar Sphinx

Works are carried out in accordance with the special conditions for the protection of cultural property set by the Zadar Conservation Department, since the park with Villa Atilia, Sphinx sculpture and other elements in the park is part of the cultural and historical ensemble protected as a cultural asset of Croatia. Archaeological excavations are currently being carried out on the Sphinx sculpture itself.

All the findings of the works currently underway will enable the next phase in which the City of Zadar will start with the restoration of parts of the sculpture that are missing today (medallion on the Sphinx's chest, dagger she held in her hands, left hind paw and other details), all according to the study prepared by the qualified company Kvinar and guidelines of the Conservation Department in Zadar.

Source: City of Zadar